What I Do?

I am a IT Professional by day and a passionate spare time photographer.

I'm also into writing code when the camera batteries are charging.

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My Work

If you have scrolled this far, you might be interested in my portfolio.
Here are the highlights of my work:

Software Development


CrashSelect, a joint development with the MeaMod Group, is a tool designed for easier management of multiple crashplan servers. CrashSelect allows you to remotely connect to crashplan server without the need for manual, local configuration modification.

Unfortunately Crashplan is terminating its cloud backup services for consumers, so this application will no loger have a purpose.

My Github Activities

Whilst most of my repo's are private, I always look to make my boilerplate code public on Github.
My proficiency in Python continues to develop along with an ever improving of containerisation and CI devops.

Web Development

Alesia Bloor - Design Portfolio

Alesia Bloor is an architectural fellow of Queens College Cambridge.
Alesia requested a site to display her portfolio and to professionally demonstrate her academic capabilities to prospective employers.


Photography is my passion project. To me a perfect image is one that encapsulates every detail of the environment that it was taken in.